An official selection of 23 film festivals around the country and the winner of five Best Feature and Audience Choice awards, The Tree follows three days in the life of 88-year-old Dorothy Thorp (astonishingly played by former Guiding Light soap opera actress Joicie Appell) as she drives from Kansas to Indiana on US Route 40 to reunite with her oldest and dearest friend.  Inspired by the relationship between the director's mother and her childhood best friend (tenderly recreated by 9-year-olds Caroline Kelley and Sydney Hendricks), The Tree "tackles important issues involving aging and independence, yet does so in a way that is remarkably universal and deeply intimate."


Co-starring husband-wife actors Paul Fellers and Laura Kirk (American Honey) as Dorothy's next-door neighbors, Christie Courville as a remorseful waitress, and Kip Niven (Magnum Force) in an emotional performance as a homeless Vietnam veteran, The Tree is a beautiful reminder that sometimes the road back home takes the journey of a lifetime.